If you remember drive-in movies, jukeboxes at the table, and Formica tops, multi-colored straw hats, psychedelic vests, and bell bottom pants, whether you are a dancer, in your seat butt bouncer or just like to sing along, the Biscuit Boys will help your childhood memories come flooding back to happy times! Toe tappin, butt wiggling, and sing alongs are a common affliction that may be attached to your fun self so don't be surprised if you are suddenly groovin on the dance floor surrounded by all the cool people who grew up listening to these tunes on the car radio and home stereos!

Come join the band for some tasty times as Liquor Biscuit throws down hits from the 60s, 70s, and early 80s that you totally forgot about until you hear the Biscuit Boys playing them again for you! With soaring 3-part harmonies and a Motown Infused Heavily Grooved beat, those old tunes will sound better than they ever did coming through that tiny speaker in your car dash! With plenty of room to dance your tushies off, tap the numbness out of your toes, or just have a darn good time, listening to Liquor Biscuit is the place to be.

Despite your preference of music genre, our band can be simply defined as music to appreciate. We believe in connecting with the audience on/off stage with our songs and distinctive personalities. We enjoy the smiles and spark of emotion that people get when hearing this music again. We are professional musicians that are grateful for every single opportunity given and we always strive to do our best and entertain our guests.

Time to unwind your minds and rethread your heads. Liquor Biscuit will make grovin behoovin and stir up a potful of memories. Hope to see you soon!







Coming Soon!

  • Feb 24
    The Mirage Sports Bar,  Littleton
  • Mar 2
    Lake Ave Inn,  Thornton
  • Mar 16
    Jake's Roadhouse,  Arvada
  • Mar 17
    In The Zone,  Golden
  • Mar 23
    Columbine Lounge,  Littleton

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